Sharing with deep gratitude some of the experiences of working with my clients. ~ Lori

Lori’s integral appraoch as a transpersonal coach and a ‘yogatherapist’ is a unique contribution to inspired wellness.
— V.P. Artist Rep
Lori showed me who I am. Sometimes it feels I don’t know how to believe in myself and trust my truth. Thank you Lori for reflecting my beautiful amazing powerful self back to me. You rock.
— T.P.
“I have been Lori’s client for a few months and she has never failed to deliver. Every time we speak, she has the ability to calm my fears first and then to lead me on the path that invariably takes me to reaching the goal(s) that we establish at the beginning of each session.
Lori is a combination of Eckart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson’s teachings all put together. Time and time again she has been instrumental in my finding my own center when in the midst of anxiety, panic or doubts. Once my own center is there, I am able, with her help and guidance, to awaken my own wisdom and wholeness and shift my feelings entirely and find suitable solutions to my challenges. I would recommend Lori to anyone wanting to reach deep within and to live from the place of authenticity and fullness that we all possess.
— Lauretta Zucchetti
I have nothing but positive things to say about my sessions with Lori. She provided a comfortable, safe environment in which we could discuss any topic, be in family, friends, relationshiop or career.

She always made me feel like a whole, healthy person and I felt confident knowing that she always had my best interest at heart. This was evident in her thoughtful questions, comments and ‘homeworks assigments’ which felt personalized to my past and present experiences.

I continue to incorporate the practices and techniques I learned and the insight I gained from our sessions into all facets of my life.
— S.J.
Lori has this amazing ability of letting you be, and allowing the best to come out of you while staying focused and firm on your objectives yet being so subtle it feels like a soft and gentle stoke of kindness and genuine desire to help you.

I have learned that I can always count on her to always allow myself to celebrate the small victories yet in the same breath, ask me what’s next? making sure I never slip into the illusion of comfort.

I choose to grow, I choose to be more, I choose to be me and with Lori’s wisdom yet practical approach it’s a done deal!
— Francois
Lori has been a beacon to me over the years. At different cross roads in my life and on my path. Lori has been able to help me see through the fog. With Lori’s approach, her questions and teachings, she has guided me both personally and professionally to help me move forward on my own life journey.

She is my trusted life advisor and it’s great having her perspective. No matter what is happening in my life, Lori always has importnat insights to share. I’m looking forward to our next conversation.
— C.C.
My experience working with Lori was grounding, centering and empowering. I was able to distinguish the deeper impulses of my actions and what was guiding my decision making.

After three sessions, I felt truly seen and understood. I felt that I had someone who genuinely cared for my success. I noticed some shifts in my personal life. I was able to start on some endeavors that I have been wanting to work on for a long while. I was able to see myself more authentically reflected in my greater purpose.

Every session we started with a grounding meditation, this helped bring me into balance regardless of what kind of day I was having. I feel that Lori has a natural intuitive gift, an empowering wisdom and a wonderful connection to timing. I felt pushed in all the right ways, guided just enough and inspired.
— Gitana Martinez
Lori’s compassionate ear opened me to a world I’ve missed for so many years, a world that focuses on me. Through her coaching sessions I learned to honour, respect and acknowledge my inner wisdom.
— Z.S.